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I find it hilarious that when people reach the point where they don’t know how to argue effectively anymore, they start quoting the Bible.



That moment at the end of tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones when you thought, “Finally”.



If there was a fantasy league for The Walking Dead, my top players would be: Michonne, Daryl, and Rick. The dream team. Champions of the zombie world.

My name is [none of your business] and I’m a crazed Walking Dead fan.

They’re going to feel stupid when they find out…
They’re screwing with the wrong people.

Honestly, I don’t blame Rick. I knocked a glass to the ground when I saw that sick prick with Carl.

Is it bad that I’m not sad that Neil died?
Sorry. Not sorry. #TeamHook



Don’t be dumb, just be smart. Ha. Ha. Ha.

~Glenn Rhee

If the last 3 season’s have taught us nothing, it’s that no physical place is safe and home is truly within the people whom we grow to love and trust. And that’s very telling in each individual’s story to find their purpose since the split.

Len, you may have claimed the rabbit..
but karma claimed you.
Don’t f#*! with Daryl!